WooCommerce Bookings Calendar PRO Changelog


  • Added `High-Performance order storage` compatibility
  • Added check to respect the minimum booking time when display events on calendar
  • 2022-10-27

  • Added differentiation of the booking customer when displaying taking slots of the same time
  • Optimizations and bugfixes for retrieve available slots
  • 2022-08-08

  • Fixed overlapping events display bug
  • 2022-06-06

  • Added a quick prevention to avoid show duplicated events for edge cases
  • 2022-05-31

  • Fixed plugin domain for translation of “Search events” string
  • Added HTML5 close button to Search events field
  • Fixed calendar week, month, day labels locale
  • 2022-05-02

  • Added new calendar shortcode attribute: startdate=”Y-m-d”